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Estimates gas for an L2 transaction including the L1 fee.

const feeValue = await estimateFees(publicClient, {
  functionName: balanceOf,
  args: [address],

On non-OP chains, fees are usually by GasUsed * GasPrice, so the fee depends on the amount of computation required to execute the transaction. On OP chains this is GasUsed * GasPrice + L1Fee.

The L1 portion of the fee depends primarily on the length of the transaction data and the current gas price on L1. The Gas Price Oracle is called to provide the L1 gas price and calculate the total L1 fee.

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Return Value


The fee in units of wei.



  • Type: PublicClient

A client for the desired OP Stack chain.


  • abi: Abi

The ABI for the contract containing the function being estimated.

  • functionName: string

The name of the function being estimated.

  • args: any[]

The arguments to the function being estimated.

  • account: Account | Address

The Account to estimate gas from.

  • to (optional): Address

Transaction recipient.

  • value (optional): bigint

Value (in wei) sent with this transaction.

  • blockNumber (optional): number

The block number to perform the gas estimate against.

  • blockTag (optional): 'latest' | 'earliest' | 'pending' | 'safe' | 'finalized'

Default: 'latest'

The block tag to perform the gas estimate against.

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