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Creates an L1 to L2 transaction by depositing into a contract on L2. This function serves as a specialized version of Viem's writeContract, adapted for L1 -> L2 transactions.

import { walletL1OpStackActions } from 'op-viem'
import { baseAddresses } from 'op-viem/chains'
import { erc721ABI } from 'wagmi'

import { createWalletClient } from 'viem'

const walletClient = createWalletClient({
  chain: mainnet,
  transport: http(),

const txHash = await writeContractDeposit(walletClient, {
  abi: erc721ABI,
  address: '0x6171f829e107f70b58d67594c6b62a7d3eb7f23b',
  functionName: 'approve',
  args: ['0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045', 2048n],
  l2GasLimit: 100000n,

Return Value

Returns a transaction hash for the L2 transaction being initiated. The transaction hash conforms to Viem's WriteContractReturnType.



  • Type: Abi | readonly unknown[]

The ABI (Application Binary Interface) related to the contract.


  • Type: Address

The contract address on L2 that you are interacting with.


  • Type: string

The contract function name to call on L2.


  • Type: Array

The arguments to pass to the function. Must match the function signature.

account (Optional)

  • Type: Account | Address

Account address initiating the L2 transaction. If not supplied, defaults to client.account.


  • Type: bigint

Gas limit for the L2 transaction.

l2MsgValue (Optional)

  • Type: bigint

The Ether value sent along with the L2 transaction. Defaults to 0n.

strict (Optional)

  • Type: boolean

If set to true, throws an error when called from a smart contract account. Defaults to true.


The OptimismPortal contract, or equivalent, facilitating the L1 to L2 transition.


  • The function will throw an error if strict is true and the account is a smart contract. This is to mitigate unexpected behavior due to address aliasing.

  • The function uses encodeFunctionData to create calldata for the L2 transaction, thus requiring ABI, function name, and args.

  • This function wraps around writeDepositTransaction and adds additional logic to cater to L2 transactions from L1.


  • Throws "No account found" if no account is supplied and none is set in the client.

  • Throws a strict mode error when called from a smart contract account with strict set to true.